Hi, my name’s Jo

On the bike for more than 30 years – the first one a Yamaha SR500. Many thousand kilometres and various bikes later, it was pretty much right around May 2017. A really warm day for the Harley Meet-up at the beautiful Rhine. Jacket on my arm, helmet in my hand, I was strolling across the festival area – it would have been pretty casual if it hadn’t been for the uncomfortable leather, or rather synthetic trousers. The solution? I needed motorcycle jeans. I ordered everything the market had to offer. But there was one problem through all price ranging: They didn’t fit properly, too long, too tight or their protective fabric was only on the knees. Some jeans didn’t fit at all or only kind of. One fitted nicely but looked sh… – let’s say it wasn’t my style!

Seriously? There had to be another way. Idea, plan, job done! We tailored our first unique biker jeans from our own favourite jeans. Safe on the inside with Kevlar® protection, just like always on the outside.

Almost perfect! And highly sought after among friends even at its prototype stage. With a lot of passion and charm, a lot of sweat and the famous Swabian inventive spirit we kept improving the trousers und tried many different materials and cuts in the process. Until in 2019 the SLACKX® in its current form was born.

SLACKX® is a coinage derived from the English words ‘slack’ for ‘loose’ and ‘slacks’ for ‘trousers’. Made from bikers for bikers. Safety without compromise and guaranteed to be your personal biker style.